It is important that you know the difference between standard and good quality hair weaves before getting one. Misinformation on quality can lead to spending a lot of money on a weave that won’t last, or that will quickly fall apart. Buying a weave can be like buying a car, or any other large investment, you need to make sure what you’re spending money a product that will hold up with your lifestyle.

You might be surprised by how much you can determine just by looking at a weave. The first thing that you need to check is the type of hair you are going to put in, as they come in all different shades, length and quality. The best in the business are Remy hair extensions, which are naturally sourced. Also, the cuticles in Remy hair all face the same direction just as natural looking hair. They can be styled and treated in the same way as you would with your own hair.

Thickness is also important to check, as thicker hair typically lasts longer. To check the thickness, hold the hair in front of a light source to check whether the thickness is ununiform and there are gaps between hair strands. A good quality hair extension always has the same thickness throughout. Lastly, look for where the hair starts to split. You do not want to see a breaking point in the upper half of your weave.

Lastly, you can usually check the weight and grade of the hair quality. Typical luxury hair is offered in four different weights, 120g, 160g, 220g and 300g, where “g” stands for grams. 300g is currently the highest quality of hair available on the market, and it wasn’t introduced until fairly recently. Quality, on the other hand is measured in 8A, 9A and 10A. Quality grades aren’t as exact of a science as measuring weight, but it’s usually safe to assume that a higher grade is of higher quality. Sphinx provides the highest quality hair available on the market, with 300g weight and 10A quality. To learn more about our luxury hair, call us at 972-232-7253.