Rihanna hair styles

Rihanna, and the Hair That Shaped Her Career

Rihanna (born Robyn Rihanna Fenty) made her debut in 2005 when she moved from her small country of Barbados to live in the States after auditioning and signing with Def Jam (Jay-Z was the one who originally signed her). Although mostly known for her music, she actually started her acting career just a year after...
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Can I swim in chlorine pools with my hair extensions?

A common question with new hair extensions is wondering if you can swim in chlorine pools without causing significant damage to your hair. Of course you can still enjoy the pool on a hot day, but it is important to use necessary products and methods to ensure that your extensions stay strong and healthy. Swimming...
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How long does it take to get extensions put in?

The time required to put in hair extensions depends on the method of application, the amount of hair being applied and the experience of the stylist. There are different methods of application for extensions. For example, if you are going for wefts of hair to be glued in place, you can have a full head...
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How to Customize Your Lace Frontal with Stylist Raven

Everyone knows that creating a beautiful, natural looking wig requires customizing the hairline. But the secret is not what to do, but how to do it. How do you best use your tweezers? How far in do you create your part? What to do with the hair on the edge of your wig? Stylist Raven...
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Stylist Raven Reviews Sphinx hair

Sphinx has been working closely with Stylist Raven, using her expansive industry knowledge in the development of some of our hottest products. We couldn’t be more excited to be working with her. Raven is a licensed cosmetologist with years of experience running her own salon. Her fun, exciting personality and passion for everything hair has...
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How do I know if hair weaves are good quality?

It is important that you know the difference between standard and good quality hair weaves before getting one. Misinformation on quality can lead to spending a lot of money on a weave that won’t last, or that will quickly fall apart. Buying a weave can be like buying a car, or any other large investment,...
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